Sales Partners

fragmentiX has a growing number of sales partners worldwide. All standard products can either be puchased from a fragmentiX subsidiary – actually already established in Austria and Switzerland – or from one of our sales partners of your choice.


Sales Partners in the EU

Connect4Video, based in Germany is a fragmentiX reseller and service partner. By adding fragmentiX to the portfolio of protected videoconferencing solutions the Connect4Video team is now able to offer additional provacy preserving services to its customer base.

Connect4Video Logo

EXACON, based in Austria is a fragmentiX reseller, service and support partner with a strong focus on IT security. By adding fragmentiX to the portfolio of services for their customers can now select the highest possible protection for data in the cloud. Because of its strong relation to backup solutions e.g. veeam, fortinet and kaspersky EXACON is a prefered integrator for fragmentiX solutions in Austria and the surrounding countries.


United Access is a system house focused on development, consultancy and value added reselling of smart card and RFID components. Furthermore United Access is the leading supplier of the Infineon smart card operating system SICRYPT® used as a platform for secure applications. United Access is also part of the Infineon Security Partner Network. United Access is also member of cryptovision club cv.