Technologies used in fragmentiX products


Coming from the digital forensics business our founder and the other leading technicians understood very soon that the desired security level of the fragmentiX solutions is only achievable in a very strictly controlled environment. This starts with the supply chain of all components and ends with the protection of the access credential needed to communicate with various cloud storage providers. It would be easy to implement fragmentiX as a “software only” but it would not fulfill the required high level protection for sensitive data.


Quantum Key Distribution (or QKD) is a method used to share encryption keys between two parties.

While Secret Sharing allows data to be secure while stored (data on rest), QKD technology can ensure the security of said data while being transferred from one location to another (data in transit).

fragmentiX is currently working on several projects combining Secret Sharing with QKD as its logical extension. 


Secret Sharing was first published by Israeli cryptography expert Adi Shamir. Secret Sharing allows files and directories to be split up – fragmented – to a admin defined number of storage LOCATIONS – only known to the aplliances owner. This minmizes the risk to loose this data to hackers, thieves and spies.


In future versions of fragmentiX CLUSTER products, the functionality of multiparty computation (MPC) or secure multiparty computation (SMPC) will be made available as an option. MPC is a cryptographic technology allowing several parties to use all their data jointly for computations, without actually having to share and exchange their data with each other.

As a founding member of the MPC Alliance, fragmentiX wants to promote the use of MPC technology.

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