fragmentiX Partners


Sales Partners

fragmentiX has a growing number of sales partners worldwide. All standard products can either be puchased from a fragmentiX subsidiary – actually already established in Austria and Switzerland – or from one of our sales partners of your choice.


Technology Partners

To bring the best possible advantages to our customers we work together with other vendors, research institutions and other organzations like e.g. law firms and patient rights organzations. To foster the idea of digital sovereignty fragmentiX also participates in Austrian national research projects e.g. KIRAS to support critical infrastructure and EU funded projects like OPENQKD, QSAFE and others.


Service Partners

To enable the usage of fragmentiX technology as a Service “frXaaS” we partner with selected companies – at the moment limited to “GDPR land”. Various models are under development and testing. If you are interested in becoming a frXaaS partner please contact us.


Storage Provider

Since every owner/user of a fragmentiX device is 100 percent free to select where and with which provider to store fragments we only provide our customers with a list of vendors. fragmentiX is trying to check the functionality and performance of the mentioned storage providers – but can take no responsibility for those companies.

We plan to offer a well sorted database to assist you in selecting providers, comparing costs, understanding the terms and features etc.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in becoming a partner or if you have any questions about a cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us.