Algumas perguntas surgem com mais freqüência - então decidimos tentar respondê-las imediatamente!

Por que o fragmentiX não está disponível como um serviço? Por que uma caixa de hardware?

Coming from the field of digital forensics, our founder and technicians very quickly realised that the desired level of security of fragmentiX solutions can only be achieved in a very strictly controlled environment. This starts with the supply chain of all components and ends with securing the access authorisation required for communication with various cloud storage providers. It would be easy to implement fragmentiX as a “software-only”-solution, but this would not fulfil the required high level of protection for sensitive data.

Quem pode acessar os baldes que contêm um fragmento de meus dados?

Everyone who has the correct login credentials (or was able to hack/breach into the server/provider) can access the data fragments in the S3 bucket.

Todos os métodos disponíveis para proteger um balde S3 são exatamente os mesmos - não importa se você tem seus dados originais armazenados em um determinado balde - ou um fragmento que foi produzido por seu aparelho fragmentiX. A grande diferença é que com um fragmento de seus dados originais, mesmo o proprietário de um futuro computador quântico não pode aprender nada sobre os dados originais.

As a normal user without extensive IT skills - is it possible to install and use fragmentiX technology ?
Yes – one of our most important design principles in creating fragmentiX was “ease of installation and use”. Since only truly fully automated IT protection works – at least that is our strong and educated opinion on the matter – we made sure that after a one-time setup, which is easily done via a web-interface, our appliances “magically” do everything. The user experience is exactly the same as when using a normal network drive on their PC or Mac.
Por que eu deveria confiar no fragmentiX? Como posso ter certeza de que eles não espionam meus dados?

Good and valid question! Since we are a privately held corporation in the geopolitically neutral country of Austria / Europe we had the luck not to be intimidated by government or law enforcement to include backdoors or other ways to compromise the security and privacy we can provide to our customers. As our clear vision is to bring digital sovereignty to our customers, we try very hard to do everything possible to achieve this. Only the owner/user of a fragmentiX appliance knows how they configured the system – so not even we as the developers and producers of the appliances have any way to learn this secret configuration data. The sensitive configuration data includes usernames, passwords and the credentials (again usernames/passwords and URLs etc.) of the LOCATIONS – the places where the actual fragments are stored. Please ask us for more details on how we protect this sensitive information!

Posso usar o fragmentiX para trocar dados sensíveis com parceiros?
Yes, definitely you can. Since you can communicate the necessary LOCATIONS information – the buckets and the credentials to these buckets – with your partners, it works like it would with a single S3 bucket: whoever has the right login credential can access the data.
Is the data recoverable, if one of the LOCATIONS (or more) is down?

For every fragmentiX-setup there is a configured Storage strategy in place called frX-ratio. Our demo setup for example has a 2/3 frX-ratio configured. For a 2/3 frX-ratio two out of three LOCATIONS need to be accessible to recover the complete data record, but there are other strategies available. Get in touch with us for more information regarding frX-ratios.

What is the name of the protocol that is in place for the communication between the fragmentiX desktop client and the appliances?

The fragmentiX desktop client uses a protocol that is called simple storage service or S3 via HTTPS to connect to the appliances.

Which cloud storage providers are approved for fragmentiX products? Why do they need approval?

So far, we have given approval that the fragmentiX Storage Appliance products work with Amazon AWS, Wasabi, Alibaba, Linode, Backblaze, ITandTel and MinIO as promised. Additionally, there is support for MS Azure BLOB, NFS-storages and even USB storage devices.

We test each and every cloud storage provider for functionality as LOCATION before approving it to keep the quality of our products and services at a high level.

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