fragmentiX @ Quantum Communications Networks Workshop, Portugal, February 26 to 27, 2024

8 março 2024

The unique advantages of the current fragmentiX product line and an outlook on upcoming developments in fragmentiX technologies for secure network architectures and QKD networks were key aspects of the presentation held by Christoph Pacher, CTO at fragmentiX, as part of his invitation to the PTQCI workshop.

From February 26 to 27, the Instituto de Telecomunicações in Aveiro hosted a workshop in the field of quantum communication networks, organized by the PTQCI consortium (Portuguese Quantum Communication Infrastructure).

The aim of the event was to bring together the main players in the field of quantum technologies to discuss and exchange ideas on the implementation of the future quantum communication network in its national and European aspects. The presentations were dedicated to the PTQCI project and other international quantum networks (in Spain, Austria, and USA) involving governments, industrial companies and academic institutions.

In his presentation, Christoph Pacher, CTO at fragmentiX, explained the unique advantages that fragmentiX secret sharing appliances and trusted nodes offer for secure network architectures and QKD networks:

Secret sharing appliances produced by fragmentiX offer strong protection against current cyberthreats such as data theft from storage providers, any kind of manipulation or erasure of stored data, and ransomware attacks on storage providers. Thus secret sharing appliances strongly increase the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data-at-rest in public/private/hybrid clouds.

A trusted node is a tamperproof housing or building that protects crypto-devices like QKD and KMS appliances and keys that are exchanged between them. A trusted node forms a physical security perimeter using multiple intrusion detection and protection systems and provides also protection against data leaks by radiation. Currently, fragmentiX is building prototypes of trusted nodes in a funded project.

Rely on fragmentiX if you want to setup your own secure data infrastructure!

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