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fragmentiX™ Logo

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fragmentiX™ One

The front of fragmentiX™ ONE has 2 WAN interfaces. There is also a USB CONFIG ENABLE interface and a USB CONFIG STORE interface on the fron.


fragmentiX™ THREE & fragmentiX™ FOUR

The front of fragmentiX™ THREE and fragmentiX™ FOUR look the same. There are 4 WAN interfaces, a USB CONFIG ENABLE interface and a USB CONFIG STORE interface on the front.


fragmentiX™ ONE/THREE/FOUR

The backs of fragmentiX™ ONE, fragmentiX™ THREE and fragmentiX™ FOUR look the same. The back consists of 1 x DC Power 9-46 Vold, DVI console connector, 1 x 1 Gigabit LAN, 4 x USB 3 for HD or Stick, 1 x 1 Gigabit CONFIG NET.

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Lesen APA-OTS Press Release 22/11/2017 - Press Release in German

Lesen IT Media @ Nasdaq globalnewswire 22/11/2017 - Press Release in English

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The fragmentiX Storage Solutions GmbH specialises in the production of Quantum Safe Storage Appliance Boxes. The users see network drives as usual and all complicated necessary further steps are carried out automatically within the fragmentiX ™ Box - bringing Cloudsecurity in a BoX! Together with Austrian Institute for Technology (AIT) cryptographers, Werner Strasser revolutionized IT security by creating an easy-to-use product for companies and authorities with the utilization of an approach, which has been known in theory for more than 50 years. In contrast to classical encryption fragmentiX™ brings real IT security to the user by dividing files into 3 to 26 fragments, which are stored on separate local or public S3-compatible storages. Each of the fragments does not contain any usable data. The decision on how many fragments are required for the recovery is left to the fragmentiX™ user.

After more than 25 years in IT security Werner Strasser founded the fragmentiX Storage Solutions GmbH in Austria as of July 2017. He is holding the position of CEO. By signing a longterm license agreement with the AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology - he made sure that essential cryptographic parts of the fragmentiX™ technology stay at the cryptological state of the art. Since the foundation the company is growing fast and is constantly hiring new employees.

fragmentiX™ declared goal is aimed to those people who do not want to accept that their data will become the public domain of other actors and results in giving them a chance to defend themselves in the digital world .

At the moment fragmentiX™ offers several options of secure storage solutions called ‘Generation 1 Products’ - further products are soon to be released to make the digital world a more secure place.