A brief selection of frequently asked questions about fragmentiX™, Secret Sharing, Quantum Computers etc.

  • What can a storage providers do if you hand them over all of your data? What if that one storage breaks down? You don't need to trust any storage provider, if you just give all of the chosen storage providers, administratos and providers just a little fragment.
  • even your local administrators can be relieved if there is no more technical possibility to steal data.
  • The U.S. government can now very easy request data stored on servers worldwide from US technology companies . The CLOUD Act - signed into law on March 23, 2018 - allows federal law enforcement to compel U.S.-based technology companies via warrant or subpoena to provide requested data stored on servers regardless of whether the data are stored in the U.S. or on foreign soil.
  • Soon it will no longer be sufficient to "only" encrypt data, because quantum computers will soon be able to crack asymmetric encryption. Essential security measures against theft and espionage in networks and data carriers today mostly depend on asymmetric encryption with mathematical methods. Simply put, asymmetric encryption also works: M=p*q (p and q are large prime numbers). Today it takes too long to crack asymmetric encryption, even with supercomputers!
But quantum computers that are already available to governments worldwide and large Internet companies will crack "asymmetric encryption" in just a few seconds. Any encrypted file that is stolen or "recorded" during transport can be read and used very quickly by a thief or spy.
By selecting the frx ratio you determine how many fragments are generated by your fragmentiX™ Storage Applience when WRITING AND how many of these fragments are necessary to READ to get the original file back. When configuring your fragmentiX™ Storage Applience, you specify the frX-Ratio as one of the most important parameters for a particular application. This gives you the benefit you want - e.g. with a frX-Ratio of 4/16 for extremely high resilience: you create 16 fragments - but only need 4 to reassemble the file.
Thanks to their secure and hardened architecture and the use of secret sharing algorithms that have been tested over many years, fragmentiX™ storage appliances offer a solution with a cryptographic guarantee. No single FRAGMENT contains usable information for an attacker or data thief. No part of the original file can be restored or cracked. By the self-determined number of the generated and the necessary number of FRAGMENTS again for reading can be guaranteed that only the possession of this minimum number of FRAGMENTS makes a READ possible.